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The Uptown Butte Art Walk takes place May to September the First Friday of each month from 5-8pm. Butte businesses host artists and music events through out the uptown district during the evening. Join us this summer as we celebrate the arts in Butte!


Maps can be downloaded here and are posted the Wednesday before Art Walk on Facebook. Maps are also distributed to participating uptown businesses.


Participation in the Art Walk is free for businesses/locations and if you would like more information on how to get involved please email Christine Martin at or download the Art Walk Registration and Sample Map here.


Thank you for being interested in the Butte Art Walk! Here is a quick FAQ to get you started.

Since Art Walk restarted in 2021 we are looking for more community involvement. If you would like to see the Art Walk grow, please consider reaching out and getting involved. Due to the small size of the people working on art walk here are a few things to know.

1. Thank you for your interest and support of Art Walk! Even if you don't have time to volunteer, everyone that attends and has supported Art Walk is helpful!


2. The Art Walk is the first Friday of the Month, May to September from 5pm to 8pm. The Map gets posted as soon as all the businesses get updated information to the Art Walk. There is a hard deadline to submit to be included in the printed map. Please consult the registration sheet for relevant dates. 


3. The Art Walk Map lists businesses that have signed up to be listed on the Map. Inclusion in the Map is FREE. You must have rotating art of some kind special to the evening and be open during the Art Walk to participate.


4. Businesses choose their own Artists. Businesses are responsible for their own call for artists, getting information to the Art Walk if they have a show, and coordinating with their Artist to hang shows and handle sales. No one from the Art Walk is involved in this process. We are happy to refer artists and businesses to each other. 


5. If you are an Artist interested in participating in Art Walk you are encouraged to reach out to businesses that have been participating in the Art Walk as of last month. Some may still be looking for Artists. Another option is to form a relationship with an Uptown Business that wishes to participate.


6. The Art Walk runs with volunteer help. A volunteer meeting is held the Wednesday before the Art Walk at the Clark Chateau at 5pm. If you would like to see the Art Walk grow, we welcome volunteers who would like to take on their own projects, help distribute maps etc. Volunteers should email to get involved


Art Walk Map Brochure 2024 - Untitled Page (4).jpeg
Art Walk Map Brochure 2024 - Untitled Page (3).jpeg
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